Our students will acquire hands-on experience under supervision in order to apply the knowledge gained in human rights to real-world scenarios , thereby engaging directly with current human rights issues in their legal jurisdictions, local communities, and/or on a global scale . Students have a choice of two tracks: the Legal Clinic or the Social Justice Clinic, where they will collaborate on small-group projects . These projects employ a wide range of methods, support social science research, litigation, advocacy, policy, and program development and/or extend technical guidance on human rights to civil society organizations, national human rights institutions, governments, the UN, and other international organizations’ human rights bodies.


The Program collaborates with the leading Raoul Wallenberg Institute of Human Rights and Humanitarian Law (RWI) and Lund University in Sweden. This partnership provides HRSJ graduate students an exceptional opportunity to gain professional first-hand experience in human rights and enhance their legal skills through a curriculum enriched by academic-led training, study visits, and immersive field trips.


Our students will be offered a unique chance to gain experience in the field of human rights and justice, explore newfound interests, develop skills, and create a network of contacts. As interns, students will be actively engaged in an intensive learning experience alongside local and international human rights experts and policymakers, thus promoting their personal and professional growth. The internship is optional. It will run part-time over a period of two months. Throughout the internship, interns will receive close supervision and feedback from the supervisors of the host institution. Every intern will be entrusted with a list of tasks to be performed at the host institution.