Master of Arts Human Rights and Social Justice

The Human Rights and Social Justice Program offered by the College of Humanities and Social Sciences, is aimed at supporting emerging leaders and future human rights advocates in becoming confident and competent to act effectively in a global context, and who can draw upon a deep knowledge and experience in a field that demands innovative and creative responses to complex challenges in contemporary societies.

The one-and-a-half-year Graduate program allows students to develop transferable skills such as project planning and evaluation; problem-solving and research methodology in the field of human rights; professional writing and oral presentation. In virtue of such insights and skill-sets, students are equipped to pursue successful careers in Social Services; Law: Human Rights Law, International Law; Advocacy: Domestic and International Advocacy; Humanitarian Services; Human Rights & Social Justice Program Officer; Communications; International Development, International Relations, etc.

The program provides students with an advanced conceptual understanding of social justice, and proficiency in the perspectives and working-methods aimed at promotion and protection of human rights at the international, regional, and national levels, informed by the latest practices.

The program also equips students with the skills required for effective work in peace and justice across a variety of organizational settings with a specialization in the relation between human rights and social justice, as well as deep insight into current research and practice.

To become a leader in the advancement of a just society — locally and globally, students get actively involved in both theory and skills development getting hands-on experience with local and regional social justice issues designed to engage and empower communities, while gaining field experience through the various research opportunities such as Human Rights Clinic, the Internship, and capstone projects to implement strategic approaches to existing complex global and domestic issues.



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